A "Thought for the Day" for Black Cat Radio on 8th June 2019 When I’m not doing church stuff, I’m self-employed doing proofreading for students with learning difficulties like dyslexia. And the funny thing about my job is that it’s either massively busy, because the students have all got deadlines at once, or there’s nothing … Continue reading Busyness

Small model houses made out of paper in a heart shape surrounding families made out of paper

Babies, Royal and Other

A 'Thought for the Day' for Black Cat radio - broadcast 10th May 2019 So there’s a new royal baby, and I’d like to say welcome to Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. Regardless of what we might think of the Royal Family, or the idea of monarchy, and whether or not we have children of our own, … Continue reading Babies, Royal and Other