100 Day Projects

thought for the day for Black Cat Radio on 3rd August 2019

Have you heard about “100 Day Projects”? In these you decide to do one particular thing every day for 100 days. It’s often something creative like art or writing but it doesn’t have to be. It can be anything that you really want to do and that you can feel excited about. It’s important that it’s not something that you feel you “should” or “ought” to do because these projects are about making life better, not harder.

For my 100 Day Project I’ve decided to take a photograph each day of something that I like for 100 days. These might be pictures of things at home or in the local area, animals and plants, or interesting buildings. Just things that catch my eye or interest me. You can choose anything that appeals to you. It might be a project at work that you really want to get stuck into or learning some new skills for a different career. You might want to start learning a language or find out more about something that interests you. You might want to take up exercise or learn new recipes to cook. You might even want to explore meditation or prayer or some other aspect of spirituality, and if so there are plenty of books, websites, churches and so on that can help you.

100 days is quite a while so if you’re interested in doing a 100 Day Project you might want to get some friends and supporters to cheer you on and help you stick to it – or maybe do a joint project with someone. I’m going to put my pictures up online and hopefully that will encourage me to keep going. So, if you’re interested in spending some time this summer exploring something new why not join me in a 100 Day Project of your own?