Travelling in the Dark

“At the moment many of us feel like we’re travelling an unfamiliar path. We’re not sure where we’re going or how long the journey will last. Yet, in all this God offers us his hand to guide us through the unknown, whatever happens. Here is prayer I find helpful from the book “Rooted in God’s Love”:

I can’t see very well, Lord.

I certainly am not familiar with this path.

Are you sure you know where this leads?

This feels like a pretty rough trail to me, Lord.

Are you sure I can make it?

Be my guide, Lord.

I am afraid. I would be lost without you.

Guide me, Lord.

Turn darkness into light.

Make the rough places smooth.

Do not forsake me.


Refuge in a time of coronavirus

At the moment I know a lot of people, including me, are worried and uncertain about the coronavirus.

Sometimes it seems like things are falling apart and there’s nowhere to turn.

But I hope you will find these words from Deuteronomy comforting.

They remind us that whatever happens God is always with us.

He’s a safe pair of hands waiting to catch us and hold us close, whatever happens, and he will be our place of safety.

Keep well everyone, and may God bless you.