An Introduction to Mental Illness in a Theological Context — WIT

WIT welcomes MeganWildhood as a guest contributor. Megan is a creative writer, scuba diver and saxophone player working at a crisis center in Seattle,WA. Her poetry chapbook, LongDivision (Finishing Line Press), is about sororal estrangement and she’s currently working on a novelnarrated by a character with a mental-health diagnosis. She has a Bachelor of Arts … Continue reading An Introduction to Mental Illness in a Theological Context — WIT

Being Rich & The Kingdom of God

Bit late but here is my sermon from yesterday on the grounds of "better late than never"!   Mark 10.17-31 When I think about the man in today’s gospel reading I imagine a rather earnest, conscientious person who worries about doing what’s right. He’s a good Jew who not only knows what he’s supposed to … Continue reading Being Rich & The Kingdom of God

Harvest, Wealth and Generosity

Joel 2.21-27 / 1 Timothy 6.6-10 / Matthew 6.25-33   Harvest is an important time of year, even though many of us don’t have much to do with farming these days and live mostly unaware of its rhythms and seasons. Harvest is important because it encourages us to be thankful for the basic necessities of … Continue reading Harvest, Wealth and Generosity

Holy Spirit

Ezekiel 36.8-12, 24-28 / Romans 8.1-17   The 1970s were a time of great liturgical change in the Church of England, with many different forms of service being tried out. During this time, the then Bishop of Kensington is said to have turned up to lead a confirmation service which he began with the words: ‘The … Continue reading Holy Spirit