A fisherman casting a net towards a crowd of people

Encounters with Glory

Isaiah 6.1-8(9-13) / 1 Corinthians 15.1-11 / Luke 5.1-11 Introduction On Wednesday I was driving into Cambridge early in the morning when, as I waited in the inevitable rush hour traffic jam on Madingley Road, I suddenly noticed that my fuel gauge was well into the red zone. Immediately I was anxiously watching the miles … Continue reading Encounters with Glory

Wedding at Cana

John 2.1-11 This is a sermon preached 6 years ago when I was first starting out as a Licensed Lay Minister/Reader. There’s an old Jewish saying that goes, “Without wine there is no joy”, and I’m sure many people would say ”hear, hear” to that! In today’s Gospel reading we heard the familiar story of … Continue reading Wedding at Cana

Baptism of Christ

Isaiah 43.1-7 / Luke 3.15-17, 21-2   When looking at today’s gospel reading the question that stuck in my mind was: “Why does it matter that Jesus was baptised?” It’s a very short story here but Luke obviously thought it was important enough to include, so there must be some purpose to it other than … Continue reading Baptism of Christ

An Introduction to Mental Illness in a Theological Context — WIT

WIT welcomes MeganWildhood as a guest contributor. Megan is a creative writer, scuba diver and saxophone player working at a crisis center in Seattle,WA. Her poetry chapbook, LongDivision (Finishing Line Press), is about sororal estrangement and she’s currently working on a novelnarrated by a character with a mental-health diagnosis. She has a Bachelor of Arts … Continue reading An Introduction to Mental Illness in a Theological Context — WIT