A ‘Thought for the Day’ for Black Cat Radio – June 2020

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these, for which I apologise. I was focused on leaning how to do YouTube videos and dealing with our new reality, and couldn’t keep up with everything.

I will try to catch up with the ones I haven’t yet posted, starting with my most recent one – based on my experience of getting hearing aids for the first time:

I am writing this on the day I got my first pair of hearing aids fitted. I’ve had mixed feelings about getting them but I was fed up with constantly asking people to repeat themselves or just guessing at what someone had said. I don’t have bad hearing loss but it’s mostly concentrated around the frequencies people speak at, which is kind of a problem, and I find it especially hard if there’s lots of other noise going on. It’s going to take a while to get used to them but I can already hear a difference so I think it will be a good thing. And apparently not being able to hear properly is bad for your brain and sleep, so that’s another reason to get them sorted.

It’s funny really how we sometimes resist the things that would be good for us or help us. It’s not just getting our ears sorted either. We know that regular exercise will keep us healthy and happy but that doesn’t always stop us preferring to slouch on the sofa. We might realise that hanging around all day in pyjamas will only make us feel worse but it’s so tempting to do it anyway if we’re working at home or furloughed or shielding. I guess the problem is that it’s easier to do nothing and just go with the flow. Making a change in our lives really can be a good thing, though, as long as we keep it manageable. So maybe this week it might be good to find some way to shake things up a bit, do something you’ve been putting off or explore a subject you’re interested in. Maybe even get your ears checked!

Mel x

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