Travelling in the Dark

“At the moment many of us feel like we’re travelling an unfamiliar path. We’re not sure where we’re going or how long the journey will last. Yet, in all this God offers us his hand to guide us through the unknown, whatever happens. Here is prayer I find helpful from the book “Rooted in God’s … Continue reading Travelling in the Dark

Refuge in a time of coronavirus

At the moment I know a lot of people, including me, are worried and uncertain about the coronavirus. Sometimes it seems like things are falling apart and there’s nowhere to turn. But I hope you will find these words from Deuteronomy comforting. They remind us that whatever happens God is always with us. He's a … Continue reading Refuge in a time of coronavirus

Being Beloved

A sermon for Morning Prayer, 19th February 2020 Psalm 72 / James 1.19-27 / Mark 8.22-26 Introduction A friend of mine has been having a difficult time recently and ended up in hospital for two weeks. She’s now back home and getting better but it was a massive shock to her and her family. A … Continue reading Being Beloved

Salt and Light

Isaiah 58.1-9a / Matthew 5.13-20 Introduction A story is told about a church that was having a special Saturday night service. Towards the end of the service a thunderstorm unleashed a bolt of lightning that plunged the building into darkness. So, the minister carefully felt his way through the church to find some candles and … Continue reading Salt and Light

Fruit of the Spirit: Reflections on Growing in Christ

My book 'Fruit of the Spirit: Reflections on Growing in Christ' is now available on Amazon! How can we grow to become more like Christ? Is it just a matter of keeping rules or is there a better way? This collection of reflections on Christian life and growth explores each aspect of the fruit of … Continue reading Fruit of the Spirit: Reflections on Growing in Christ

‘Why do you come to me?’ The Baptism of Christ

Matthew 3.13-17 Jesus came to John to be baptised. John tried to stop him, saying, ‘Why do you come to me to be baptised?’. What kind of world - and what kind of God? This year has got off to a difficult start. Wildfires in Australia have burnt an area almost the size of Ireland, … Continue reading ‘Why do you come to me?’ The Baptism of Christ